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Gaetano Manfredonia : "Anarchism and Social Change"
Article published on 27 August 2018
last modification on 21 March 2023

by Eric Vilain

Schmidt and van der Walt provided their own explanatory framework, which is no less artfcial and just as unconvincing as Sébasten Faure’s. While the frst wanted to make a synthesis of the diferent currents of the anarchist movement, the two South Africans proceed at the same time by exclusion and amalgam: on the one hand they say that what does not fit with their own defniton of anarchism is not anarchism, and on the other hand they say that what they designate as anarchism is anarchism, whatever the concerned people think. To a large extent, their approach is even more confused than that of Sébasten Faure.


CONCERNING “BLACK FLAME” : Digression on anarchism and syndicalism