Pierre Besnard : "Le Monde nouveau" – Preface to the 2021 edition
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Article mis en ligne le 15 novembre 2021
dernière modification le 14 novembre 2023

par Eric Vilain

Besnard is in line with the thinking of the great anarchist authors, notably Bakunin, who tells us that in the hypothesis of a revolution, the inability of the working class to achieve an alliance with the peasantry would provoke the reconstitution of a system of domination, this time based on the bureaucracy : the “civil servants of the state”. The advent of the state bureaucracy would therefore be the price to pay for the failure of the alliance with the peasantry1. This was a premonitory analysis made during the Franco-Prussian War, and which the Bolsheviks would unfortunately demonstrate the relevance of some 45 years later.