A look back at Black Flame
Eoin O’Connor
Article mis en ligne le 30 septembre 2019

par Eric Vilain

So how does Black Flame stand up on its own as a work of social anarchist theory ?
Well, looking back, it’s actually a very flawed book.
I first read it myself a year or two after it came out and was extremely impressed with it. At the time, I was only starting to really look in depth at the large body of anarchist history and thought, and Black Flame served as a great solidification of anarchist ideas which contextualised them in light of their origins. Though even at the time, I regarded its picture of communist class struggle anarchism as the “only” anarchism to be too narrow. Since then I’ve come to my own understanding of anarchism which is narrower than the “big tent” view which accepts just about any ideology that slaps “anarcho-“ onto itself as anarchist, but still wider than the ultra-strict categorisation found in Black Flame.