György Lukács and Jean-Paul Sartre on Marxist Philosophy with Daniel Tutt

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dernière modification le 11 juin 2024

par Eric Vilain

Daniel Tutt is a writer, philosopher, and the host of the Emancipations podcast, which delves into the intersections of philosophy, psychoanalytic theory, and contemporary political struggles. Daniel’s work is a rich blend of psychoanalysis and Marxist thought, and his first book, "Psychoanalysis and the Politics of the Family : The Crisis of Initiation", published in 2022, seeks to invigorate the contemporary left by re-examining the family through these theoretical lenses.

Daniel has an impressive academic background, having studied philosophy and psychoanalytic practice at American University and the European Graduate School. He has also imparted his knowledge at George Washington University, Marymount University, and even within the DC jail system. His research and writing cover a wide array of topics, including psychoanalysis and politics, Marxist theory, social reproduction debates, and the influence of Nietzsche and Nietzscheanism on contemporary thought.

His latest book, "How to Read Like a Parasite : Why the Left Got High on Nietzsche", explores the profound impact of Nietzsche’s philosophy on the left, tracing its influence from the Black Panthers to contemporary liberal academics. Daniel’s insights promise to offer a thought-provoking and engaging discussion, and we’re thrilled to have him with us today.