Anarchism, Council Communism and Rosa Luxemburg
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par Eric Vilain

Anarchism and Council Communism
Workersʼ councils are a form of organisation that has been mythologised by currents claiming to be Leninist, by those who call themselves “councillists”. and even by some anarchists. In the ultra-left current, people speak of it with an emotion that is as sincere as it is idealised, ignoring the extraordinary speed with which it became bureaucratised – in just a few months.

Rosa Luxembourg was deeply affected by the accusations of
“anarchism” made by the German Social Democratic leaders. Of
course, this accusation should not be taken seriously. At the time, all
militants who advocated a general strike and expressed reservations
about parliamentary action were accused of anarchism. No
distinction was made, for example, between revolutionary
syndicalists and anarchists. In reality, Rosa Luxembourg was
fiercely anti-anarchist.